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27.09.2004 This night i released the first beta version of the project. Please download and test it.

Summary XmlHttp Application Plattform for the .NET Framework
Categories libraries, techcomm, construction
License GNU Lesser Public License
Owner(s) marfix
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is a implementation of

xap (XMLHttp Application Plattform)

for CLI(Common Language Infrastructure) based frameworks like

.NET or Mono.

xap is more knowed as AJAX

but this is a new buzzword and we think that's a false word to explaine the technologie. Therefor we decidet to get a other word. xap are promoted from this blog entry: http://h3h.net/2005/03/boo-ajax-promote-xap/


  • Porting the greate JSON-RPC-Java library to C# and the CLI plattform.
  • Create a interface to implement

    nice rich web client applications

    based on the xmlhttp technologie.
  • the library will be based on the

    ASP.NET Framework.

  • The hole library will be

    programmed in C#


  • At the moment i use the Wiki for the documentation stuff, if you will contribute it please create a account and add what you want. of course without any spam!
  • After some pre releases i will take some time to write a DocBook article: how to use xap4net


First Releases

  • Interface to define methodes in every CLR supported language, which can be used from javascript in every modern browser
  • Using JSON-RPC as transport protocol

Later Releases

  • create interface to access Objects from javascript. like jpspan for php or JSON-RPC-Java for Java
  • using object as SessionState and as ApplicationState

Based Technologies

  • This library will be a port of JSON-RPC-Java to C#. But it isn't a target of the Project to have the same API.
    • Therefor it builds on the Protocol JSON-RPC


if your library helps you or your company you can donate as some money to say thanks for our work.